Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Forthcoming: “Radio Tunis’ The Hebrew Hour (1939-1956): A Microhistory.”

I Sing and I Pray: Samy Elmaghribi’s Sonic Reflection on Music and Religion,” Canadian Jewish Studies/Études juives canadiennes, Vol. 33 (2022): Spring 2022, 178-190.

“Recording Jewish-Muslim Musical Encounters in Interwar North Africa,” catalogue de l’exposition Juifs et Musulmans en France. De l’Empire à l’Hexagone (1860 à nos jours), Benjamin Stora, Karima Dirèche, and Mathias Dreyfuss, eds (Seuil, 2022).

“Nationalist Records: Jews, Muslims, and Music in Interwar North Africa,” in Dynamic Jewish-Muslim Interactions in Performance Art, 1920-2020, ed., Sami Everett and Rebekah Vince (Liverpool University Press, 2020), 59-78.

The Sounds of Nationalism: Music, Moroccanism, and the Making of Samy Elmaghribi,” International Journal of Middle East Studies, vol. 52, no. 1 (2020): 23-47.

Listening to the Past: Music as a Source for the Study of North African Jews,” solicited contribution to “Jews of Morocco and the Maghreb: History and Historiography,” ed., Aomar Boum, Jessica Marglin, Khalid Ben-Srhir, and Mohammed Kenbib, special issue of Hespéris-Tamuda. vol. L1 (2016): 243-255.

Other Types of Writing

Amplifying Cheikh Pinhas,” AJS Perspectives: The Magazine of the Association for Jewish Studies, The Unfinished Issue (Fall 2020), 36-38.

Sonic Geniza: Finding Zohra El Fassia in Los Angeles,” in 100 Years of Sephardic Los Angeles, edited by Sarah Abrevaya Stein and Caroline Luce, UCLA Leve Center for Jewish Studies (2020).

Jews of the Maghreb on the Eve of the Second World War,” with Sarah Abrevaya Stein and Aomar Boum,Holocaust Encyclopedia, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (2019).

Jewish Studies from the Edge to the Center,” AJS Perspectives: The Magazine of the Association for Jewish Studies, The 50th Anniversary Issue: New Vistas in Jewish Studies (Fall 2018).

The Life and Death of North Africa’s First Superstar,” Miscellanies, History Today (April 2018).

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